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5 Reasons Americans Love Pickup Trucks

No matter how old you are or where you’re from, there’s just something special about pickup trucks. From their rugged, timeless designs to their mighty engines which can handle any task, pickups are just one of those things that we all want to own. As if you needed any more proof that these trucks are awesome, here are five reasons Americans have always loved our pickups and always will.

1. There’s a lot of space in the back.

Whether you’re heading out on a camping trip with a group of friends, need to bring a new extra-large refrigerator home or have a forest worth of lumber to haul, you’ll always have enough room to do it with a pickup. Truck beds range from 5-8 feet in length, but since the tops are open, it’s easy to stack and secure cargo giving you even more space to play with. All this room means jobs that would take several trips with a van can easily be done in just one trip with a pickup.

2. They’re roomy up front.

Not only do pickup trucks have a lot of space in the back, but they’re also pretty spacious up front. Most have a bench seat at the front with room for three people. There are even some with extended cabs which can seat a total of six people in a single truck. Having rows of shared bench seats instead of separate seats like you’d get in a mini bus or van makes road trips with friends a lot more fun and sociable, especially for the driver.

3. They’re powerful.

Where other vehicles will let you down by leaving you stranded on the side of the road in the snow or stuck with a trailer simply too heavy to pull and no way of getting it home, a pickup truck will rise to the challenge and save the day. These vehicles handle well even in thick snow without the need of extra traction or snow chains (although they do help) and their powerful engines mean they can carry and tow some serious weight.

4. They rarely change.

While new car designs come out all the time with fancy add-ons and flashy paint jobs, new pickup truck designs are only released when an engineer has thought up an improvement to enhance the vehicle’s performance. Since improving a pickup visually rarely makes its performance any better, the general look usually stays the same. In a world in which everything is constantly changing, having something as simple as the unfaltering appearance of a pickup can be incredibly comforting.

5. They combine work and play.

America looks at a pickup truck and sees both a vehicle for carrying out manual jobs as well as a machine for having fun. Combining the stresses of dull work with the fun of play is a goal everyone wants to achieve. When you can accomplish something as big and important as this in a single vehicle, it’s no wonder it’s a pickup that has been America’s bestselling automobile for 28 consecutive years!

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