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Big PigOut BBQ Facts

October is National Pork Month and what better way is there to celebrate than to indulge in some of the best BBQ pork available. The Big PigOut is coming to many Isle of Capri locations across the country including Lady Luck Marquette to help our guests give thanks to… pork! The Big PigOut is taking over The Buffet by featuring one of our employee’s Winning Recipes, 10 Different Varieties of Ribs, Smoked Chicken, BBQ Sausage, Corn Bread, Mac-N-Cheese, Baked Beans, Sweet Chili Wings, Pulled Pork, Smoked Pork Loin, Ham Steaks, Hot Wings, Bacon Wrapped Pork Medallions, and Smoked Turkey Breast!!

So now let’s talk about BBQ!

In this country there are four main regional varieties of BBQ that are enjoyed. Each of them is considered traditions in its area, but it truly is difficult to decide which the best is. National Pork Month is the perfect time to indulge in all four of the following varieties.

Kansas City Style - Kansas City style BBQ is a thick sauce that is tomato based and contains a lot of sugar. Kansas City style rubs are mostly just brown sugar. This specific type of BBQ must be cooked slowly over low heat. With so much sugar in the sweet sauce high heat will make the sugar become charred. If this happens all that will be left to eat is a crispy black hunk of meat. Kansas City style BBQ usually focuses on pork, pork ribs, and sometimes chicken.

• Memphis Style - Memphis style BBQ is somewhat similar to Kansas City style, but instead of all that sugar and sweetness it tends to be a bit spicier. This type of BBQ focuses on pork ribs or pork butt as the primary meats used in most BBQ serving locations. It is typically not served with any sauce as it could take away from the flavors of the meat itself. If sauce is used, it is generally served at the table for dipping or pouring over the BBQ on your own. Memphis sauce is generally thin and tangy. Memphis style takes advantage of many different rubs as well, but again the flavor is often a bit spicy.

• Texas Style - The main focus of Texas Style BBQ is beef, beef brisket, and beef ribs. A dry rub that is typical of this type of BBQ is a rub that consists of dry mustard and chili powder, simple but Texas style all the way. Sauces tend to have some very bold flavors, usually consisting of various kinds of ground chilies, cumin, onion, hot sauce, meat drippings. Some favorite Texas BBQ sauces even include beer or coffee. Ask for “wet” to have the meat dunked into the sauce right before it is served.

• Carolina Style - Carolina style BBQ is typically all pork and nothing but pork. You can find excellent BBQ pork butt, pork shoulder, ribs, and even the entire hog done up in a fire pit. Carolina style BBQ does not use rubs on the meat, this style is strictly sauce based. Carolina sauces are thin with a very tangy, peppery flavor. Sauces range from having a vinegar base to having a mustard base; both of the sauce bases have many other variations that change the flavors as well. A lot of pork is topped with cold slaw to really bring out the flavors.

The beautiful Lady Luck Casino Marquette in Iowa has actually been celebrating the wonders of BBQ for years! The Lady Luck Casino restaurants alone have purchased more than…
• 300 gallons of BBQ Sauce
• 5,210 gallons of Milk
• 2,436 lbs of Pepper Bacon
• 5,175 lbs of Layout Bacon
• 3,700 lbs of Ribs
… just for BBQ fare alone!

Pork is the most widely eaten meat in the world; in fact about 80% of the population consumes pork at home at least once every two weeks. All different types of BBQ from around the country will be offered, with at least ten different types of ribs alone to be sampled. Be sure to try dry rub BBQ, wet BBQ, sweet BBQ, Tangy BBQ, and even spicy BBQ. There will be plenty of ribs, pulled pork, bacon and many other BBQ favorites so take October as a time to allow your taste buds the opportunity to explore all of the BBQ flavors available to them.

Stop by today and try some of the delicious pork being served at Lady Luck Casino.

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