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Don't Miss Fall Foliage in Marquette, IA

Iowa has so many breathtaking views to offer, especially once the seasons begin to turn and the days become chilly. As a part of the Midwest, Iowa has garnered a reputation as an agricultural center, but it also holds a rich history and boasts a beautiful countryside in every season. Autumn is certainly no exception as Lady Nature unfurls bright banners of carnelian, plum, gold, and flame orange against sere fields and rich blue skies. For those who love sight-seeing, hiking, and taking the scenic route to reach a vacation destination, the fall season in Marquette is a time you won’t want to miss.

When to Plan Your Trip
If fall foliage is your heart’s delight, you can plan a longer vacation during the peak viewing times by keeping in mind that latitude matters. In the northern part of the state, the end of September through the middle of October brings the best colors to the forefront. The middle portion of Iowa experiences its peak fall foliage during the first three weeks of October, and the southernmost portion offers opportunities during the second half of October.

However, Marquette offers a splendid base of operations, nestled as it is in the bosom of River Country. With its reputation for autumnal splendor, it seems a natural place to build hotels and entertainment that allow visitors beautiful views.

Know Your Foliage
While it’s quite enough to simply enjoy the tableau of fall colors and a naturally breathtaking landscape, visitors may have a more deeply pleasing vacation when they know the names of the trees they are admiring. This section will provide a quick guide to help you match foliage color with tree species.

  • Oak Trees -Three main varieties grow in this part of the country—Bur, Red, and White. Buff yellow, dusky red, and purplish red fall hues predominate respectively.
  • Ash Trees - Predominantly yellow in color, white ash trees exhibit a purplish overcast to the golden hue.
  • Elm Trees - These leaves tend to run the yellow/golden spectrum.
  • Maple Trees of two varieties—hard and soft or silver—these leaves are brilliant red or yellow respectively.

The countryside surrounding Marquette is ideal for day trips and long, wandering hikes; studded with charming old stone churches, farm land, and even round barns characteristic of the populations that settled in the area before and during European exploration. Visitors to the area will recognize many of the landscapes that are often evoked to call to mind an American Heartland—fields of sere autumn cotton grass waving in a chilly October breeze, patches of woods on fire with the turning of the season, traditional buildings crafted to pay heed to the whims of weather. They will experience a profound sense of familiarity and warmth, no matter where they are from.

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