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Feel Free to Feel Free at Lady Luck®

Step into Lady Luck® Casino Marquette and you might see some interesting gaming rituals. We’re a place that lets you be yourself as long as you’re having fun. Whether you like to blow on the dice before you roll or cross your fingers as you pull down on the slot machine handle, we want you to play the way that feels comfortable to you!

Be You

When you step into Lady Luck, you won’t find just one type of gamer – We try to make everyone feel welcome. Wear whatever you want, whether you like to dress up or just go casual. Take a break and enjoy our fabulous dining or drinks as you play as well!
So be unique! We want your experience with us to be as unique as you are. We invite everyone to be there goofy selves. Don’t try to fit into a “typical gamer” mold!

Superstitious? Bring your Rituals!

We understand that people often have special rituals when they play. Don’t be afraid to let your hair down and be funny. In fact, here are five interesting and funny gaming rituals that some people follow to improve their luck:
  • Wear a special outfit or accessory – some people have a lucky outfit while others may have a lucky hat or necklace. Try one out!
  • Bring in a lucky item – it may be a teddy bear, stuffed toy or other personal item that is placed right by the slot machine or table.
  • Talk to or hug the machine – some players like to talk to the machine as they play while others will pat or even hug it before starting play.
  • Follow a certain routine – some people always cash out at a certain time or hit the deal button on video poker when they win a hand. What’s your routine?
  • Think positively – whether it’s said aloud or just in your head, some players speak a mantra or special saying before they begin play.
Let these inspire you… and try one the next time you’re here!

Feel Free Fun Days!

Celebrate your uniqueness with our Feel Free to Feel Free Fun Days! On select days in November, you can earn special rewards. You’ll have the opportunity to win special prizes… just for being here! There’s four fun days in all. Check them out on our website!
Plus, follow us on Facebook® and Instagram for giveaways and more chances to win!

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