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Snack…It’s Football Season!

Sports allow us all to share in a common emotional rollercoaster of either winning or losing, and allows us to voice our opinions about players, coaches and managers. Football is a distinctly American tradition that is embedded in our national identity, and there are a variety of reasons to love the camaraderie and excitement that comes from the game… a huge one being food! For those who delight in the good eats of football, we here at Lady Luck Casino® Marquette would like to give you some great snack ideas for the next game!

1. Bring Everyone Together

Sometimes we underestimate just how much a good cook (or even just a creative kitchen guru) can bring to a party. Gatherings mean planning, and the best ones get the details straight without being overly fussy. Remember: it’s a football game, not a fancy multi-course dinner! You should know if your guests favor the exotic, if they’re trying to eat healthy, or if there will be mutiny if sour cream and onion dip isn’t on the menu. Some patterns should start to surface throughout your group of friends and family. Find the perfect combination of edgy and safe with snacks like taco-seasoned sliders, pimento cheese poppers or salami chips with mustard dip. They put a little spin on classic favorites and leave guests with great memories of the day.

2. Get People Involved

Sometimes there’s nothing better than getting your guests in on the action — it gives everyone something to do during breaks. Game-day food can be as simple as throwing some chicken into a crockpot and then setting out pre-chopped, brightly colored ingredients like peppers, radishes, tomatoes and onions. Toss in some tortillas and sour cream and let people make their own tacos. Or set out snacks like football-shaped brownies, artichoke dip and Asian-style wings, and let people help make their own creative cocktails to enjoy with the delicious snacks. You can also invite everyone to bring their own snack for the group. That way, there are many options to choose from, and it gets everyone contributing.

3. An Easier Way

Everything you make in a kitchen requires a decent amount of work, and even simple parties can turn into an all-day project quickly. Between clean-up, prep and cook time, nothing is ever really as quick and easy as it’s made out to be. If you want to skip that hassle every few games or so, then stop by Lady Luck® and try The Buffet® or O&H Express® for a hearty meal or some fast nibblers during halftime. We want you to enjoy your Sunday with a beer, a clear view of the game and our farm-fresh fare.

So don’t forget to snack this football season, whether it’s at home with friends or here with us. Plus, don’t miss out on our great football promotions going on. Keep an eye on our Facebook® page to stay up-to-date!


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