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Go Green for Earth Day!

It's time to celebrate the beauty of Mother Nature this April 22 with a special Earth Day celebration! We love giving back to the Earth here at Lady Luck® Marquette, and we've planned a special day of cleaning and community service for our beautiful home of Northeast Iowa.

While our hands are full with our Community Aces® program and our Roadside Clean Up event, we'd like you to help out the Earth in other ways! We've put together an easy guide of tips and suggestions for your own Earth Day celebration. Read on to find your own special way to celebrate our special planet.

Five Ways to Celebrate Earth Day:

1. Find an Earth Day fair!

Look at your local newspaper to find an Earth Day fair on April 22. This community event will feature vendors of natural products and foods for you to try or buy! Maybe you'll want to volunteer your time and help out next year after attending this special event.

2. Take a pledge and encourage others.

Like a New Year's resolution, a pledge at your home or office can make significant changes to the future. Ask your friends and family to pledge simple promises like turning off the lights when they leave a room or not buying bottled water to help the environment thrive.

3. Plant a tree or grow a garden.

Find a seedling at a local nursery and plant a tree in your yard or park. You'll get to watch your project grow tall and beautify nature at the same time. You may also want to start your own vegetable garden or create a play garden for kids to grow their own seeds.

4. Community clean up time!

You can find service events all over your community by checking bulletin boards in the newspaper. You and a team of volunteers can pick up trash by the water, recycle newspapers, and more. A few hours of time are all that you need to help save the Earth.

5. Change up your routine.

If you have a short commute to work, think about taking a walk or a bike ride instead! Now may also be the time to start a recycling plan if you haven't already. A little bit of effort goes a long way to reduce your carbon footprint and keep the environment healthy and thriving.

Community Aces With Lady Luck Marquette

Here at Isle of Capri® Casinos, we like to give back to the Earth. We help to keep our employees active in the community and donate services and funds to charity groups in our areas. Our late company founder, Bernard Goldstein, believed fully in community spirit. Our charitable volunteer and giving program, Community Aces, was launched to honor his legacy.

This year, our managers and supervisors are taking part in a special Roadside Clean Up event. On April 22 from 10-2 p.m., our helpful staff will be on Highway 18 clearing up litter and debris from the area. Our adopted area of the highway unfortunately collects a lot of trash in its ditches, but we're happy to get our hands dirty and trudge through to help!

We hope we've influenced you to give back in spirit of Earth Day. We at Lady Luck Marquette are looking forward to this beneficial holiday celebration.


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