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Gone Hunting...

You would not want to readily admit it to your husband, but hunting season in Marquette is your chance to catch up with the girls and spend some time pampering yourself. Each year, your husband and his friends go off to their hunting camp, and you find yourself with plenty of free time. Many of your friends also have husbands that spend time during hunting season off in the woods. Every year, all of you band together for the season to have fun and make some great memories. You are always looking for new ways to spend this time and make it adventurous.

However, it is easy to get marred down in the same activities year after year. You take turns hosting dinner and spend many nights at your favorite restaurant. This year, you can branch out and try new things. You just need a little guidance and a few suggestions. Here are some suggestions to add to your list.

Facebook Photo Night
Invite the girls over for a night of fun and photography. Everyone should bring their dressiest outfit. Think prom night! Before putting on your most beautiful gowns, take turns doing each other’s hair and makeup. Once everyone is dressed and looking stunning, choose a place in the house that looks particularly elegant. It might be on the stairs or at a formal dining room table. You should take turns taking single and group photos. After everyone goes home, they can choose their favorite photograph and change it to their Facebook profile picture. Since this is not a selfie, your online friends might think you spent the evening at a sophisticated event. Sounds silly… but you will have more fun than you did in Junior High!

50 Shades of Men
Mark your calendars for an evening of beautiful, hunky men! For only $10, you and the girls get to enjoy the 50 Shades of Men Male Revue show at Lady Luck Casino® Marquette. It is a great way to spend an exciting evening while being entertained by gorgeous men. The tickets went on sale on Monday, October 20th in The Buffet®. You have your choice of two shows: one at 6:00 PM and the other at 9:00 PM. This is the time to grab the girls and get loud at one of the hottest male revues around!

Wine Tasting Evening
This does not have to be expensive or elaborate. You can grab some inexpensive bottles of wine, cheese and crackers and a few snacks. Everyone can meet at your house for a wine tasting. Spend the evening discussing each bottle and test if you can tell the difference. Even if you do not know anything about wine, making up comments about the ‘bouquet’ can be even more fun. Your comments will probably be met with laughter, making it a fun-filled evening.

Tropicana Giveaway
At Lady Luck Marquette, you and the girls have the chance to win some cash, Fan Play or even a trip to Vegas with a stay at the Tropicana Hotel. All month long, you will earn entries for the drawings. The drawings are held on Sundays from 1:00pm to 5:00pm. At 1:00pm, the drawing is for $250 in Fan Play. The 2:00pm drawing earns the winner $100 in cash. You could win $100 Fan Play at 3:00 PM. At 4:00 PM, the name announced receives $250 in cash. The big winner will be announced at 5:00 PM. The winner receives a free stay at the Tropicana in Vegas plus $500 spending money (winner is responsible for airfare). While winning would be wonderful, you will have a great time playing and spending time with the girls. Consider revising statements in yellow for clarity.

YouTube Makeup Makeovers
You and the girls should spend an evening playing with your make up like you did in high school. Select the girl with the largest bathroom and have everyone bring their make up over for an evening of fun. YouTube offers a stunning selection of makeup tutorials for achieving a certain look with makeup. Pick out the top favorites and get started making each other over. If you do not like one look, you can remove all the makeup and pick out another video. When everyone has their makeup done, you can go out for dinner or call for pizza delivery.

Holiday Shopping
At Lady Luck Casino Marquette, you can knock out some of your holiday shopping while you and the girls enjoy an evening gambling and checking out the buffet. You can purchase gift cards for almost everyone on your shopping list. You can also choose among their selection of baked goods. You can buy these now or order for your holiday parties and meals.

Good Old Fashioned Sleepover
Whether the men are camping out or heading to the hunting cabin for the weekend, this is your chance for a good old fashioned sleep over. Call your girlfriends and get them to bring their sleeping bags over. You will want to do all the things you did as teenagers from scary movies and painting each other’s nails to loads of popcorn and all the other necessary junk food. No one should go to sleep before the sun comes up! In the morning, you and the girls should treat yourself to a breakfast out at your favorite place before going home for a nap.

Of course, you love your husband and miss him when he goes off with the guys during hunting season. However, you should take this time to have a good time with girlfriends. It is your chance to catch up with each other’s lives. You can try one thing on this list or give them all a try to have an amazing hunting season with your friends.

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