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Hit the Road on a Bike

Riding off into the sunset is better on a motorcycle. Hearing the engine's roar and feeling the freedom of fresh air on wide stretches of road makes for an incredible experience. Here are five reasons why you should turn the ignition on a bike instead of a car.

1. Ride for calmer commutes.
You'll arrive to work or back home in a calmer state on a bike, versus commuting in a car. Motorcycle riders are constantly aligning their bodies, the angle of the bike, speed, keeping an eye on potential hazards, and taking into account lane changing. Being so focused on an activity can be meditative. It discourages wasting precious thoughts on road rage or obsessing about past annoyances. Over time, being in that meditative state improves brain function and emotional output, making riders mentally healthier.

2. Faster commuting.
Bikers can weave through heavy traffic, reducing travel time during rush hour periods. You'll arrive to destinations on time and unfazed by heavy stress. What's more is parking for motorcycles tends to be easier to find than for cars, and many cities offer motorcycle riders reduced rates for tolls as well as parking. It all adds up for faster commutes.

3. Healthier for the planet.
Most modern bikes are green modes of transportation thanks to their fuel efficiency, and the ability to cut through traffic. By not sitting idle for long periods of time, motorcycles emit fewer gases into the air than cars stuck in traffic. Take reducing pollution to the next level with an electric-powered bike.

4. Improve yourself.
Riding a motorcycle requires a special skill set. Physically, the rider exerts strength and balance on every ride. Mentally, the rider must process information on road conditions and quickly make decisions. These skills may actually translate into improving your driving skills in general. When not riding, most riders take it upon themselves to learn how to and then perform regular maintenance work like oil changes on their own bikes. Finally, you'll push your comfort zone when it comes to riding in less than perfect road conditions.

5. Easier on roads.
It seems there's road construction everywhere we travel. Motorcycles riders can proudly say they contribute less to the deteriorating road conditions when compared to cars and trucks. The two tire transports weigh a lot less, creating less stress on the asphalt, which results in less damage.

At Lady Luck® Marquette we want everyone to feel the excitement of traveling on a motorcycle, which is why we're hosting our Bikin' It & Likin' it event. On Saturday, August 27 at 11:30 p.m., you can ride away on a Harley Davidson® Motorcycle or go home with $20,000 cash.

Earn entries daily from July 4 to August 27with special 10x entries on Mondays and 25x entries on Sundays. Then join us every Friday and Saturday from 5-9 p.m.to win up to $500. At 9:30 p.m. on drawing days we'll draw 50 entries who will go on to the Grand Finale Drawing on August 27 at 11:30 p.m. where one lucky winner will ride away on a new Harley Davidson Motorcycle! We'll also be giving away a gift certificate to Waukon Harley Davidson to stock up on accessories and numerous cash prizes.


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