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Hunting For a Night Out?

Hunting season has begun and that means husbands and boyfriends all across the area will be spending long hours in the woods on their hunting adventures, while the ladies will be stuck at home. But don’t worry! Here at Lady Luck Casino® Marquette, we think hunting season comes with some great perks. Think … ladies night! Yes, ladies, it’s all about you! We’ve got some great ideas on how you can make this hunting season work in your favor. Spice up your life with these fun ideas for a great girls night in (or out)!

Fun Ideas for Ladies Night

Ladies, you don’t have to let the fellas have all the fun. Here are some cool ideas to help get the party started.

  • Game Theme Night: You can never go wrong with a great game night. All you need is food, PJs, games and your best gal pals. We love the idea of this game: What’s a Dame to Do? It was featured on "The Today Show’s" Buzz Style. You basically ask the ladies what they would do in certain situations. For instance, you’re out and about, when you suddenly see your ex. You’re not looking your best. So what do you decide to do? Be as daring as you want to be!
  • Movie Night: Everyone loves a great chick flick! Again, all you’ll need is your PJs, food and wine. Have your girls bring over their favorite movie. Stock up on a variety of genres like drama, comedy and noir. Don’t forget tissues and make sure you have ice cream… lots and lots of ice cream.
  • Spa Night: While the guys are sweating it out in the woods, invite your girls over for some rest and relaxation. If you have the funds, you can order a spa service, or you can totally create a DIY situation. Collect your favorite cosmetics, cleansers and scrubs. Take turns giving each other facials and doing one another’s nails!

Come Hang with Us

A great ladies night doesn’t have to be all indoors. Grab your closest gal pals and hang out with us here for some fantastic gaming. From cool promotions to food specials, we’ve got all the makings for a fun and unique ladies night.

  • Camp Commander Promotion: For the month of October, try your luck and enter to win a camp set and a special prize, up to $250 cash. You’ll receive one free entry and can earn additional entries based on play. Winners are chosen every hour, so you’ll have plenty of chances to win. This is something we’re sure your significant other will be in full support of… it’s a win-win! When: Saturdays, 1-4 pm.
  • See The Hunks: Get ready for the ultimate girl’s night out! We have "Hunks - The Show" coming to Lady Luck® for one night only on November 21. It’s a live revue of some of the finest male entertainers, consisting of stunning performances and a variety of musical numbers. It’s truly an action packed extravaganza! We’re not sure how the guys will feel about this one, but we’ll just keep it our little secret. When: November 21, 6pm & 9pm.
  • The Big Pigout: A great ladies night isn’t complete without some delicious eats. Our brilliant chefs have concocted some mouthwatering, finger-lickin' pork-centric recipes that are sure to fulfill your appetite. We have 10 varieties of ribs, BBQ pork, smoked chicken, sweet chili wings, bacon wrapped pork medallions and more. Yum!

Ladies, now is the time to really make hunting season work for you. We have everything you need to make your ladies night complete. Just try not to brag too much about all of the fun that you had, or else the guys might want to tag along on the next one. Have fun!








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