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Life’s a Trip

It truly is, and sometimes the journey matters more than the destination. That's why we're offering our guests the chance to earn entries to win round-trip airfare and $250 cash for their next vacation getaway.

Getting away from it all can help alleviate both mental and physical stress. Having a few days where you don't have to think about work, problems at home or upcoming projects can really help recharge your battery.

Vacations also have a way of renewing relationships. Providing your loved ones with the chance to see you relaxed and smiling, instead of stressed and exhausted, can help fortify bonds. While routines can help us feel safe and secure, they can also let us fall into a predictable rut. A break from our daily routines can help us appreciate our lives a little more, especially when we add some positive energy generated by vacation fun.

Check out our Facebook® page every week this month. You'll see a post inviting you to comment #LifesATrip for a chance to win. Five winning comments will be chosen each week, and the winners will be announced on Facebook. All five winners will walk away with a 12-pack of Coca-Cola®, and one of the five will find $100 in FanPlay® hidden inside their 12-pack.

That's not the only way to get FanPlay, though. Just visit the guest service center and provide us with your e-mail address and we'll add $5 into your Fan Club account. We’ll also send you information about upcoming events. If you don't have an account yet, don't worry. We'll give you $50 in FanPlay when you sign up for one.

The winner of round-trip airfare and $250 cash on our Life's A Trip promotion will be announced Thursday, April 30. Increase your chances of winning by participating in Ticket to Fun Thursdays on April 16, 23, and 30 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. In addition to earning more entries into the contest, someone will win $100 in FanPlay every hour.

You can check out some of our other awesome promotions online, like the chance to win $20,000 cash or a new Camaro®. Whether you decide to drive or fly to your next vacation destination, we want to help you get there. Get involved with some of these promotions soon, and be on the fast track to Play More. Be Happy!



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