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Preparing To Host Your Big Game Party

As winter bears down on football fans around the country, there is one thing that warms all of their hearts. That is the thought of their favorite team or teams making it to the big game. Not every team is going to make it to the championship, though. Even if your team doesn't make it, it's still a time to celebrate. Throw the ultimate party no matter whose home team is playing. Here’s a step by step guide to get you prepared to be the ultimate football host.

Pull out your favorite game day snack recipes and throw together a party for the big game your friends will remember, at least until the one you throw next year.

Step 1: Food

You’re going to want to choose food that's easy to prepare. Better yet, make a list and figure out which items you can go straight to the store for.

Start with some fried chicken as the center of your buffet table for the game. Sports fans watching the football game will find chicken will last the entire game, remaining crispy from kickoff until the confetti falls at the end of the game. Check out our Cha-Chicken menu for a grab and goal all-star buffet move that your guests will appreciate. Choose a variety of sides that Cha-Chicken can provide, ranging from hot to cold. Cold sides can include potato salad and coleslaw. Hot selections fans love include baked beans and mac and cheese. Don't forget the healthy options for your party by offering corn and green beans… and then some less healthy options for the sweet tooth. Pick up some sweet treats from Simply Yummy to celebrate, whether your team wins or loses--either way, you get to celebrate.

Step 2: Beverages

Be sure to supply a variety of different types of beer and mixed drink options. To get a really good variety, ask your guests to bring their favorite liquors and prepare their drinks with a variety of mixers you provide.

Step 3: Friendly Competition

The food and drinks on your buffet are a good start to the party, but what's a football party without a little bit of competition? Here’s a fun football twist on bingo. Create bingo cards for each of your guests to cross off during the game. Fill in the boxes with results of plays such as fumbles, interceptions, penalties and different types of scoring plays. Throw in other parts of the game, such as commercials for specific brands or with specific actors in them, and it'll keep everyone watching. Have a small prize for the first person to win bingo, such as a set of mugs with the logo of your local team.

Sports fans come to a big game party for much more than the game. If you take the time to plan your meal, your guests will never know how easy it was for you to throw your party together. Games, drinks and a little help with the food from Cha-Chicken will allow you to enjoy the game and the company of your guests all night, instead of the logistics of the party. For more party time tips and updates follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

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