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Simply Yummy!

Many of our guests would agree that the best part of The Buffet® at Lady Luck Casino® is the “better than grandma’s” bakery items! (PS Don’t tell grandma!)

The appropriately-named Simply Yummy® Bakery, is now being served out of The Buffet® which has been providing a plethora of baked goods for 20 years. So what’s new? The secret behind the newly updated bakery, Simply Yummy, is the three lucky ladies who are running it. They are responsible for keeping the Simply Yummy items stocked — no easy job, considering the high demand. To find out how they succeed in creating these classic, home-style desserts, we went behind the scenes to meet the bakers of the Simply Yummy: Pat, Connie and Alexis. We have them to thank for keeping The Buffet stocked with sweets!

Meet the bakers…

Pat has been with The Buffet from day one. She is primarily responsible for the velvety coconut cream pies, a variety of rich and gooey bars, and an assortment of cookies and cupcakes. Pat has been a baker ever since she was little, experimenting in her childhood kitchen. She learned the skills of the trade from her mother, who used to bake homemade coffee cake, apple pie, and cookies. Taking inspiration from her mother, Pat has continued the tradition of baking for her family. Her grandkids love when she makes ice cream pies for them. Pat’s favorite dessert to bake is chocolate chip cookies, but her favorite dessert to eat is decadent chocolate upside down cake.

Connie has been with The Buffet since 2006. She's responsible for a collection of cookies, bars, cupcakes, beautiful French silk pies, classic fruit pies and luscious cheesecakes. Connie’s favorite part of her job is having the opportunity to try new things and be creative in her baking. This creative spirit has been with Connie ever since she was ten years old, when she began spending time in the kitchen with her mom. Their favorite items to bake together back then were jelly rolls. Today, Connie likes creating cakes for her grandkids, helping to make their celebrations that much more special and memorable. She recently made a themed cake for her granddaughter based on Disney’s blockbuster movie, "Frozen." Connie’s not picky about her favorite desserts, just as long as they contain chocolate!

Last but not least is Alexis. Alexis has also been with The Buffet since 2006. She specializes in creating picture-perfect fruit pies and scrumptious cookies and cupcakes. Alexis has always loved to bake, and she has been a lifelong learner who grows her talent by learning from each and every experience in the kitchen. Her grandma loved to bake pies, and one of Alexis’s favorite memories from childhood is waiting in anticipation as her grandma’s pies cooled on the windowsill. If you are craving chocolate chip cookies, be sure to look for Alexis, as these are her specialty.
These three ladies are the dream team behind the new Simply Yummy bakery. So who better give some recommendations than them?

Recommendations from the bakers…

The bakers at Simply Yummy tell us which items are most popular, and why!
1. The chocolate caramel bars. The bars are an amazing combination of chocolate and caramel, coming together in one perfectly gooey and chewy dessert.
2. The chocolate chip cookies. They are a traditional, yet memorable take on the classic recipe. The best complement often heard at Simply Yummy is that the cookies, “taste just like Grandma’s.” Anytime a dessert can take you back to your childhood, it’s sure to be a hit.
3. The pies! Guests comment often on the uniqueness of the pies and cupcakes on display at Simply Yummy. Bacon aficionados will love the bacon cupcakes, which are dark chocolate cupcakes with bacon crumbles on top. The pie crusts are all distinctively decorated according to the season, using flowers, leaves or stars to create a one-of-a-kind creation, while the cupcakes are always decorated with fun and festive designs.

Did we mention they can be ordered to go, making it the ideal choice for the holidays. Imagine impressing your guests this Easter with a show-stopping cake or an expertly designed tray of cookies.

Whether you are visiting The Buffet at Lady Luck® Marquette, need a dessert for an upcoming holiday or event or are simply craving a little chocolate, then head on over to the Simply Yummy counter. Say hello to Pat, Connie and Alexis, and give their renowned baked goods a try. We guarantee you’ll be glad you did!

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