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St. Paddy's Day

There are many holidays that get a lot of love, including Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Thanksgiving. However, there’s one holiday we feel could use a bit more shine, and that’s St. Patrick’s Day. Here at Lady Luck® Marquette, we love St. Paddy’s Day. It’s the perfect holiday.

There’s no pressure to spend money on fancy gifts, yet you still get to have an awesome good time with friends. We love St. Paddy’s Day so much that we’ve decided to create a cool promotion in its honor. We’ll talk more about the promotion later. But first, read on to learn some fun facts about St. Paddy’s Day.

Fun Facts
  • The Date:
    St. Paddy’s Day originally started out as a religious feast day for the patron saint of Ireland. March 17 is the death date of St. Patrick.
  • St. Patrick Wasn’t Irish:
    This may come as a shocker, but the Apostle of Ireland wasn’t even Irish. He was born in Britain around 385 A.D. His parents were Roman citizens. He was forced to relocate to Ireland at the age of 16.
  • It Used To Be Dry:
    Because St. Paddy’s Day used to be observed as a religious holiday, all of the pubs around town would close. Interestingly, St. Patrick’s Day is one of the largest drinking holidays around. It’s estimated that $245 million is spent on alcohol alone each year.
  • Four Leaf Clover:
    The Shamrock is known symbolically around the world to be a lucky one because of its association with the lucky number three. Many believe if you were to find a four-leaf clover, then your luck increases. Unfortunately, the odds aren’t exactly in your favor. The odds of finding a four-leaf clover are 1 in 10,000.
  • St. Patrick’s Name:
    St. Patrick wasn’t actually named Patrick. His birth name was Maewyn Succat. But once he became a priest, he changed his name to Patricious. We admit. St. Maewyn’s Day doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.

Our Promotion

If you’re feeling the Irish spirit, come celebrate with us by taking part in our St. Paddy’s Bead Giveaway. Not only do you have a chance to grab a free pair of beads, but you can also earn up to $100 in FanPlay®! When: March 17, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

St. Paddy’s Day is definitely one of the luckiest days of the years. Come try your hand at some gaming for your chance to win!


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