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The 5 Best BBQ Secrets

BBQ is the heart of this country. Texas style, St. Louis style, and Carolina style are all very unique variations on BBQ. Everyone loves their grilled meats, but not everyone can cook them to perfection. Depending on the part of the country, the BBQ in the United States varies greatly. Learn how to properly grill meats for melt in your mouth taste that everyone will enjoy.

1. Get a Good Cut
When preparing to cook on the grill make sure to get the right cuts of meat for a tender, delicious finished product. With chicken the most moist, juicy cuts still have their skin on and their bones in. When purchasing a steak, make sure the cut has marbling, or thin white steaks of fat throughout the streak. This fat will keep the meat nice and juicy as it cooks and will add flavor. It’s best to get the cut from a butcher, not prepackaged, as plastic wrap locks in moisture with the steak.

2. Prepare Ahead
Preparing ahead means many things, but they are all needed to make sure that the food you are preparing turns out the way you desire. The grill needs to be prepared just as much as the meat you’re putting on it.

First the grill, gather whatever charcoal or wood will be used in the cooking process and light the fire. Then, allow the fire to preheat for a decent amount of time until the fire is no longer raging, and if you are using charcoal it has turned from black to grey. The heat should be at the point where holding flesh over it is uncomfortable after two to three seconds.

Next prepare the meat, make sure to use any dry rubs at least an hour before the cooking begins. Also, if the meat is refrigerated, make sure to set it out at room temperature for about twenty to thirty minutes before cooking. A steak will not cook evenly on the grill if it is too cold.

3. Flavors
Grilling meat is a combination of the flavors you get from the grill and from the spices applied to the meat. Some people prefer a cut of meat that has very little seasoning to get more of the charbroiled flavor that a grill provides. When starting a BBQ it is important to decide whether the flavor will come from charcoal, wood chips, or a combination. Sometimes gas is the preferred method of grilling. No matter the choice, it will affect the flavor results of the BBQ.

The next step to providing a flavorful BBQ is dry rubs. This step must be done along with any marinades at least an hour but no more than two hours before the grilling process will begin. Make sure not to over marinate as that will make the meat mushy by breaking it down the proteins too much. When using a dry rub be sure to actually rub it into the meat, not just sprinkle it on top.

Saucing the meat is the final step for attaining the perfect BBQ flavor. Any sauce that you add, sweet or savory must be added at the end of the grilling process, about fifteen to twenty minutes before it is cooked to the desired wellness. Just brush on the sauce, do not slather it on so much that it fall off into the actual pit and might hinder the fire.

4. Cooking
Always cook BBQ directly on the grill, do not parboil any meat as this is essentially making broth and removing some of the important flavors from the meat. Do not keep moving the cut of meat around on the grill. Allow it to develop a crust before being moved or flipped. If the meat is sticking to the grill, it is most likely too early to be moving it around. If the grill has a lid on it, lowering it can help the food the cook more evenly.

To check for the doneness of the item you are cooking the best tool to use is actually a finger, but a meat thermometer will not hurt. Anything rare should feel soft, medium should spring back a bit, and well done food items should feel firm to the touch. Be cautious when cooking meat not to overcook it. It is better to undercook as it can be put back on the grill to complete the cooking process. If it is overcooked nothing can be done.

5. Let Rest
When the food is cooked to the desired doneness, allow it to rest for five minutes before cutting into it. This step will allow the juices to settle back into the meat, enhancing the flavor and bringing it all together.

To get the perfect outcome when cooking steak, ribs or chicken can take a bit of knowledge. One method of getting the grilled perfection you want is by looking into places that specialize in BBQ classics. Lady Luck Casino Marquette is featuring The Big PigOut all October and November. What’s the Big PigOut? It’s succulent pork and BBQ taking over the food outlets on the. There will be ten different kinds of ribs available on the property, not to mention the other mouthwatering BBQ selections that will be available.

The steps suggested in this article can help anyone improve the way they BBQ. Get a good grill and start practicing getting the perfect BBQ flavors, once that is accomplished invite family and friend to try the BBQ masterpiece.

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