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Timely Tips for the Last Minute Shopper!

It happens to the best of us. We start out with great intentions to get done early, but somehow the holidays are around the corner and the gift list hasn’t gotten any shorter. Don’t panic! We here at Lady Luck Casino® Marquette are here to save the day! We’ve put together some great tips to help you survive holiday shopping madness and some fun ideas for last-minute gifts they’ll really want.

  • Give Good Food: Forget the fruitcake. Give an edible gift people will actually want to eat! We can help you find delicious foodie gifts without having to crack an egg or preheat an oven. Treat someone on your list to a leisurely brunch or delectable dinner from The Buffet®. And this is one great gift you can enjoy on Christmas day.

    Or, let us bake you up some holiday sweets at the Simply Yummy™ Bakery. Our freshly baked goodies make perfect gifts for party hosts and anyone else who has a bit of a sweet tooth!

  • Music Makes a Great Gift: Most people love music, and getting someone their favorite artist’s new album is always a good idea. If you don’t know much about their taste in music, get them a gift card for some free digital downloads or a certificate from the local music store. You can even step it up by getting them tickets to a live show!

  • Give the Gift of Service: When the gift-giving funds are tapped out, think about offering your time as a gift. Offer a home cooked meal, a few hours of housekeeping or a night of babysitting. Your friends and family will definitely appreciate this very personal (and time-saving) offer.

  • Give DIY a Try: The options for homemade gifts are practically endless, and sites like Pinterest give us ample inspiration for adorable do-it-yourself gifts. Stock up on ideas, then hit the craft store to create one-of-a-kind gifts for the people on your list. An easy project to start with is a personalized gift baskets.

  • Don’t Let Stress Get The Best of You: Stress and anxiety sap the fun out of holiday festivities. The spirit of the season is about giving, not about going crazy trying to cross names off your list. Stop by Lady Luck® to do some quick and easy shopping, then take some time to unwind and have fun playing. Our gaming options are virtually endless, and you might just get lucky and leave with a nice gift for yourself.

  • Keep the Giving Going: If you know somebody who thinks that Christmas is too commercialized or who has a passion for philanthropy, consider making a donation to a charity in their name. Pick something that might have personal meaning for that person. For one friend, this might be a donation to the ASPCA®. For another, it might mean sponsoring a child or adopting a piece of protected land.

Don’t let holiday shopping overwhelm you. There are plenty of great ideas for last-minute shoppers… you just have to look. Good luck with your holiday shopping, and remember to visit Lady Luck this holiday season!


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