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Unique Thanksgiving Recipes to Try

Sure, you can make the turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy everyone expects on Thanksgiving. But maybe you’re looking for that one recipe that will leave everyone saying, “Wow.” You want something unexpected, something that will get their attention. Here are a few unique recipe ideas that can make this year’s dinner table stand out:

Mayonnaise Roasted Turkey

First, let’s talk about how you can dress up the main part of your meal – the turkey. Mayonnaise may sound like a strange ingredient for basting a turkey, but it’s effective at keeping the meat moist and it helps to add a distinct and tasty flavor. A bonus reason to try this recipe is because it’s simple. You can spend most of your time working on side dishes instead of trying to get the turkey to taste delicious and not be too dry. Just add fresh or dried herbs of your choice to the mayonnaise and cover the bird!

Sweet Tea and Citrus-Brined Turkey

If you’re looking for something more unusual for your turkey, this recipe should meet the requirements. This lightly sweet and citrusy flavor will please the palette while ensuring the meat is moist and flavorful. All it takes are a few tea bags, some citrus flavors and herbs to create the perfect turkey. If you want, you can leave out the tea bags for a salted base.

Sweet Corn Spoonbread

This Sweet Corn Spoonbread is a unique take on corn bread, adding a distinct new flavor. It calls for three types of corn along with sour cream and yogurt, and it’s easy to make with just 10 minutes of prep time. The creamy texture will definitely be a surprise for your guests!

Honey-Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Honey Cinnamon Dip

Sweet potatoes are another staple often found at Thanksgiving tables. This recipe uses honey for memorable side dish. The recipe needs three extra ingredients – honey, coconut oil and cinnamon. The result is a soft sweet potato on the inside and caramelized goodness on the outside. Add the honey and cinnamon dip to create an unforgettable dish that guests are sure to love.

Pumpkin Pie Popsicles

What’s Thanksgiving dinner without pumpkin pie? With this fun recipe, you can have your pumpkin in a whole new way. Even if it’s cold outside, these popsicles will make a fun treat for everyone. A side benefit is that they are a healthy choice with Greek yogurt.

Thanksgiving Buffet at Lady Luck®!

These recipes are sure to please your guests, but if you don’t feel like cooking, feel free to dine with us! We have a great Thanksgiving Brunch Buffet filled with delicious food without the work on your end. The buffet includes slow roasted prime rib, roasted turkey breast, dressing, green bean casserole, creamed spinach, macaroni and cheese, and pumpkin pie.

We’ll also be featuring grilled ham steaks, smoked chicken apple raisin pork loin, butterflied shrimp, baked salmon, grilled rib eye steaks, with sautéed mushrooms and onions, sweet potato casserole, mashed potatoes and more for $19.99.

So be here on November 24 between 8am and 3pm if you’re looking for a stress-free Thanksgiving meal, or feel free to try those unique recipes yourself!

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