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We’re Bringing Tables Back!

While slot machines continue to be the most popular form of casino entertainment, table games are gaining popularity, particularly with younger gamers. Here at Lady Luck Casino® Marquette, we welcome both the experienced slot players as well as the up-and-coming gamers who are eager to hone their skills at our tables.

Casinos have always been popular among retirees and empty nesters, but an emerging trend shows that the younger crowd is starting to spend more time at the casino. While everyone comes for the excitement and possibility of walking away a winner, the two age groups do enjoy the casino in different ways.

There are several reasons that 21 to 45 year olds are passing by the slots and heading straight for the tables:

1. Table games involve skill: While slots are dependent on luck, table games require some skill. There's always an element of luck as well, but table games often reward a player who knows what he or she is doing. This appeals to an intelligent and educated generation.

2. With Practice, You Can Improve: Since there's skill involved, it follows that a player can practice and get better. And when they get better, they improve their odds of winning. Now much more than just luck, a player’s proficiency can impact their winnings.

3. Not That Expensive to Sit Down: Most table games welcome any level of player with cheap seats. It doesn’t cost that much money to take a seat and buy-in. Since the learning curve isn’t that expensive, younger players are more willing to keep trying and learn the game, thus improving their skills.

4. Table Games are In: TV shows, movies and sports channels have caused the popularity of table games to skyrocket. Poker, in particular, has benefitted from nationally televised tournaments, where younger men and women have won millions.

5. Higher Chance of Winning: While winning at slots is determined by the random calculations of a computer, the odds of winning at a table game are not random, and are higher, particularly if you’ve been practicing.

With these improved odds at table games, and a chance to show off their skills, the younger crowd is making the casino their go-to for date night, a weekend get-away or mini-vacation. Whether you’re looking for a romantic night out filled with excitement and action, a girlfriends’ getaway or a weekend with the guys, Lady Luck is ready to host.

For those of you who still enjoy the traditional slots, we’ve got plenty! We have over 550 slot machines and an entire room devoted to video poker. For those that like the action live, pull up a chair to one of our tables featuring the hottest games around: Blackjack, Craps, Mississippi Stud®, 21+3 and of course, Ultimate Texas Hold’em.

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