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What Your Favorite Casino Game Says About You

All sorts of people love playing casino games, so it makes sense that there’s a game for every personality. Which game is best suited for you? Find out below!

1. Slots
Often the first games that you will see upon entering the casino, slots are a perennially popular choice since it’s a game that’s easy to learn and understand. They provide a nice range of options as well, with many different themes, graphics, and mini games, but are generally a solo experience. If you enjoy slots, chances are you might be a little introverted, but still enjoy having lots of fun.

2. Blackjack
Blackjack is a game that carries both an element of luck and an element of skill. It can take years to learn the combination of patience and good judgment that are necessary to truly master this game. With a good amount of risk involved, Blackjack often attracts extroverts, but is also ideal for players who don’t take themselves too seriously.

3. Craps
You know a craps table when you walk by, with its crowds of boisterous players cheering on the shooter. This is the perfect choice for a fun-loving extrovert – someone who loves the highs and lows that come with this game full of big risks and big rewards. If you like an audience when you play, along with camaraderie, Craps is definitely the game for you!

4. Roulette
Roulette relies on skill – with an element of luck, of course. It’s also an involved game that can be played for long stretches of time and requires that the player have great faith in his or her gut instincts. Players attracted to Roulette may be slightly introverted, since it’s a quieter game, but they can also share the thrill of high stakes, like a Craps player.

5. Poker
Wildly popular, Poker is a game that asks a lot of its players – intelligence, patience, and insight are just a few of the skills needed. Introverts often fare well at this game, but players also have to be familiar enough with human nature to be able to use interpersonal skills to analyze their fellow tablemates. You also need to be able to make good judgments and use strategy and risk to your advantage. Nerves of steel don’t hurt, either!

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