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Winter is for Wine

The chill of winter makes for an excellent time to enjoy a glass of wine, alone or paired with your favorite meal or snack to make you feel warm and fuzzy. Considering the time of year and the weather outside is helpful when selecting your choice of wine to sip upon.

Wines, like food, tend to be richer and fuller in the winter months than in the summer, allowing them to linger on the tongue for extended taste. Here are some tips to choosing the perfect winter wine as well as a few suggestions to take with you to your next wine tasting.

Learn About Layers

Wines for cold weather should have more texture. You won’t use the words “refreshing” or “light” to describe them. Instead, look for wines with layers in both the way they taste and their aromas. Older Riesling wines feature a honey aroma, which captivates your senses. German wines offer the robust flavor you’re looking for, such as Gewurztraminer or a Boxler Riesling.

Italian wines also provide a complex texture. The first flavor is noticeable when the wine touches your tongue, and then it transitions to another layer as you savor it in your mouth before a third flavor takes over when you swallow. The savory taste is ideal for winter foods, like stews and hearty soups. Try a Tuscany Sangiovese or a Pinot Bianco from Alto Adige.

Winter Wines with Dinner

What you serve for dinner will also impact your winter wine selection. Meals are often heartier, more savory, and more filling in the winter months. Here are a few pairings you’ll want to experience this season.

1. Cabernet Sauvignon and Beef

Cook a delicious steak for dinner; let the aroma take over the room. Your mouth begins to water even before the first taste. Enhance the meal with your favorite Cabernet Sauvignon, which uses darker fruit to get that deep red color. Along with the fruity flavor, you’ll experience hints of vanilla and caramel to tantalize your taste buds.

2. Zinfandel and Italian Food

Cold weather calls for you to warm up with spaghetti and meatballs, eggplant parmesan, or another flavorful Italian recipe. To complement the strong flavors in Italian recipes, pair them with a Zinfandel wine. A light Zinfandel offers a refreshing contrast without competing for your taste buds. The fruity taste of the wine brings out the tomato sauce when in dishes. Choose a sweeter Zinfandel to go with cheese and chocolate. Napa Valley wines such as Rosenblum® and Ravenswood® are excellent choices.

3. Dessert and Wine

The wine you choose to pair with dessert must complement but not compete with the sweet flavors of your food. A fruity wine is ideal when paired with fruit desserts or pastries. On the other hand, a sweet wine is the ideal choice to be your dessert, such as the MiAmor from Eagles Landing Winery with its strawberry flavor layered with a rich creamy chocolate taste. Another option is the Serenity, which offers a hint of chocolate with raspberries for a delightful combination of tart and sweet.

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